I am Kajsaclara. A Yin / Restorative Yoga teacher based in Gothenburg, Sweden. I offer single classes, programmes and workshops where we practice Yin. A form of Yoga where we stay longer in poses creating stretching and compression. Practicing the mind – body connection.

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Come soften, stretch and meditate!

Join my weekly FREE Yin Yoga class at Akademi Valand Göteborg, Mondays at 3 pm.

3 tips for your day

Wake up, yawn and stretch it out. Oxygenate!
Stay away from toxins. Eat good, clean and organic foods.
Take a minute, and just breathe…


Need a teacher?

I teach public Yin Yoga classes and guide meditations in the park
or privately at your gym, in your office or in your garden. Construct longer running courses where we tap into subtile art of observation. Teach workshops where we discuss ways how to practice and why we practice.

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