logo / webdesign and developement

For this project I helped create a logo and layout for a website, created with Illustrator and WordPress. The client already had a clear vision of which fonts and colours to be used for the brand.

logo / webdesign and developement

This logo and website was also created with Illustrator and WordPress. My client was just starting her own recruiting company and wanted to use her favourite colors, red and yellow, as the grounds for her brand.

webdesign and developement

My very first client, ever, wanted help organising her content, a new website and images. I created the website using Squarespace. The process entailed organising content, creating a layout and developing the site.

webdesign, developement and content creation

I set up this web-shop in Shopify with Ngine to help kick start this new and elegant clothing company’s e-commerce. My job consisted of webdesign, styling for photoshoots and cataloging the website.