I’d like to share the simplest of tips!

Put your money on good organic, localy produced/farmed produce! Eat with the seasons! Don’t forget to also eat with your eyes and  to eat for your soul!

Morning stretches! Get up 10 minutes earlier than you planned and just stretch it out, fold forward, kick start your circulation of blood, oxygen qi! Go for it, twist – reach – bend – and you will wake up with ease and most prbably, with a big fat smile!

Take some minutes for deep breathing when you find yourself feeling stressed, zoned out or for no specific reason.. just sit down and bring focus to your breath, follow it in and out of you nose, down to the bottom of your spine and then how it smoothly flows back out the same way, do this for a couple of minutes and feel the stillness arise. When you find yourself over-thinking or in suffering, stressing out about it is not going to help in the process of calming the mind. Actually the opposite will, see what happens when you mindfully meet resistance.