After teaching Yoga for the past 5 years all over Europe & meeting students from all over the world, I have witnessed the positive impact of traditional hatha yoga. This is why I continue teach yoga as I was taught by my teachers, as they were taught by their teachers, as they were taught by their teachers and so on. By staying true to the ancient wisdom and science of the human body, we can practice not only safely and efficiently but also respectfully.

I teach a Traditional Bikram yoga class with an emphasis on the importance of proper breathing technique. A safe, efficient and progressive practice is built by following “breath into form, and form into depth”.

In an Intermediate Vinyasa class we will start with a shorter meditation to connect the body the breath and then slowly bring movement to the spine, connecting the breath with the body before moving into a sweaty strengthening flow.

Restorative class and course focuses on gaining more mobility around the hips as well as gaining a deeper understanding in how to work with the breath. Since the class moves slower it allows more time to explain the why’s and not only the how’s.

2020 -2021 Online Yoga & Writer at Yoga för Löpare
at Magasin Spring, SE

2020 Vinyasa | Restorative & Courses
at Flow Fabriken, SE

2019 Bikram Yoga | Restorative
at Hot Yoga Aarhus, DK

2019 Original Bikram Yoga
at Hot Yoga Norway, NO

2019 Original Bikram Yoga & Workshops
at Hot Yoga Kiel, DE

2018 Workshops
at Joogafestival, EST

2017 – 2019 Partner, Manager & Teacher
 Bikram Yoga | Hot Vinyasa | Restorative Yoga
at Bikram Yoga Schwabing, DE

2015 – 2017 Restorative Yoga | Hot Vinyasa
at Hot Yoga West, GBG
Göteborgs Universitet
, SE