After teaching Yoga for the past 5 years all over Europe and meeting students from all over the world I have witnessed what an impactful and highly postive difference traditional hatha yoga and it’s form of physical activity does for our bodies.

This is why I continue teach yoga as I was taught by my teachers, who were taught by their teachers who were taught by their teachers who were taught by their teachers an so on.

By staying true to the ancint wisdom and science of the human body as we are still being taught by our teachers we can practice not only safely and efficently but also respectfully.

I teach a traditional Bikram yoga class with an emphesis on the breathing from different perspectives. A safe, efficent and progressive practice is built by following “breath into form, and form into depth”.

In an intermediate vinyasa class we will start with a shorter meditaion to connect with the breath and then slowly bring movement to the spine, connecting the breath with the body before moving into a sweaty strengthening flow with some good tunes.

In a beginners class we will start in the same manner but work more with the sun salutations and bring our attention to the alignment of our bodies in the asanas as well as spend more time opening up hips or thoracic spine or shoulders etc.