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50 Something – Webshop in Shopify

Förbli – Webshop in Shopify

Oscar Brizuela Dentistry – Simple but fun one-page site made in WordPress with super flexible theme, Divi.

Villa Ängalag – Same as above but in minimalistic style.

Fotograf Cecilia – Made in WordPress with Divi. This website is still under iteration, cncerning the visul design. The content is more complex and the site contains landning pages for differnt products, topics and locations.

  • The 3D prints were both made exploring Adobe Dimension. The tool is flexible enough to create interesting scenes without writing any code. For the K print I wanted to create a red-jelly, bouncy look.
  • I created a discoball and two pink rings to go under it, the print is called Disco Marriage of course, I love love.
  • The two prints on the right are made in Adobe Illustrator, they are samples from uni projects. You are welcome to download the whole PDF booklet (made with InDesign), containing the yoga print, here.
  • The last print is a self portrait created in my first semester in uni. It is a hand-drawn sketch turned digital.


Ta da! Three samples of logos I have made. The one on the left was made for a technical engineering company. Middle one for the 50 Something webshop and the third one serves as a logo for a vacation home rental.


Kajsaclara H.L.

Digital Design, Marketing & Strategy

Since I was little, I’ve spent time writing stories. Early on I would write fictitious stories about goofy characters getting into trouble. As my world view broadened  I grew into a very opinionated teenager who wrote blogs about everything from bread baking to politics. As life got busy with the responsibilities of a grown-up, my writing habits shifted to journaling.

My interest in writing and creating in combination with my appreciation of strategy and design led me to a 3 year uni program, Digital Design. Since then I’ve been freelancing as a webdesigner. During my time in uni I’ve gone through two internships with the focus of learning more about marketing and campaign strategy.

In my free time I enjoy saunas, reading and family.

Check out my website Astini for more information about what I offer as a freelance designer.